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Benefits of Going Fishing

People have been fishing for as long as history can remember. Fish have always been a key part in many early civilizations as a major food source along with a currency option when trading for other goods and services. In recent years, the term “Going fishing” has brought on many new meanings that are arguably just as important and impactful. While many people still rely on fishing as an important food source, many anglers have other motives that drive them to get out on the water. In this article, we are going to talk about a couple of the benefits of tying on your favorite lure and getting those lines tight! 

Food Source


Since this is historically the most common reason to hit the water looking to catch a lot of a fish, we might as well cover it first! While many people nowadays practice catch & release, and even look down on anglers who choose to keep their catch, keeping the fish you catch as a food source poses many benefits. Buying fish from a store can be expensive, especially when you realistically have the option of catching your dinner in a few casts. For freshwater fisherman, there are many options to choose from while keeping in mind local seasons and daily limit restrictions. Perch, panfish, trout, and salmon can be caught all over North America.

Not only can you catch enough fish for the entire family, you can have a great time while doing it! Panfish such as black crappie, bluegill, and sunfish are all extremely plentiful in most waterways and can be very tasty when fried up in some butter and spices. Salmon and trout are both more elusive although not impossible to find for dinner if you know where to look. Many cultures around the world use every bit of the fish for food to fully maximize its benefits, even the fish oil itself can improve your health! As an avid fisherman who periodically keeps my catch, it feels more ethical and humane than buying farm raised fish or supporting a fish trade that pollutes our waterways. While not all of us have access to a large boat to hit the open ocean, almost all of us can walk to a riverbank and toss in a line hoping for a tasty meal. 

It Makes You Happy


While we all may have different reasons for wanting to go fishing as much as possible, we can all agree that catching any fish, big or small, brings a smile to our faces. Sure we all have bad days, but it’s hard to have a bad day when you are outside enjoying nature and are able to witness first hand the type of creatures that live just beneath the surface. Breathing in fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, hearing largemouth bass striking on top water; there’s almost no better feeling! “Shopping therapy” takes on a whole new meaning for fishermen and women, without breaking the bank! Going to your local bait shop and just seeing what's new, making picking up a new lure, is a great way to clear your mind and get excited for your next fishing adventure! 

Keeps You Fit


While there are countless docks, piers, and boat launches that are all great places to catch fish; we all know those tend to be the most overfished and can be a hard location to catch that new PB. Going off the beaten path can not only open up a new world of fishing possibilities, chances are you’re going to get some exercise when going from spot to spot! Fishing gear can be heavy and quite lumber-sum; carry that gear around for a couple hours and you're going to feel the burn! If you are fishing from a boat such as a kayak, canoe, or motorboat you already know the physical strength required from putting the boat in and out during your fishing adventure. If you are fishing from the bank or shoreline, you could actually be burning more calories than you think! Standing for hours, continuously casting and reeling in, and the overall concentration and patience required when bank fishing can burn up to 500 calories per hour. For saltwater fisherman, you can burn hundreds of calories when fighting a single fish! 

Meet New People & Interact With Your Friends 


I’m sure at some point in all our lives as fishing enthusiasts we have all heard the phrase “you catch anything?” or “any luck?”. To this we either reply very happily that we caught our limit, or solemnly state “no luck”. These small interactions allow us to meet new people we otherwise would never get the opportunity to meet while sharing various tips about the location or other locations that may prove bountiful. Talking about gear, technique, species preferences, even the weather can help break the ice and lead you to a new friendship. Many anglers prefer to fish alone, but having a friend come along with you to a new pond or lake can lighten the mood since you both are trying something new together. Even during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, many fisheries have stayed open to encourage people to get outside and visit with their loved ones at a safe distance. Unless you are fishing from the same boat as someone else, chances are you and your friends are a safe distance apart from each other while still being close enough to have a conversation! 

These are just a few benefits of taking a little time for yourself after a busy work week to get out in the fresh air and toss some lines in the water. Of course we would all love to catch the biggest fish every time we go out there, although that is not always the point. We choose a couple of our favorite reasons to go fishing, but we would love to hear some of your favorites! Leave us a comment about other benefits of fishing, you never know, it could be the reason someone picks up a fishing pole for the first time.

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  • Being single, healthy, and 70 yrs old, it is something to look forward to. It’s the peace and quiet, the solitude being alone with your thoughts. It is therapeutic when you have lost a brother and it is just plain fun.

    John Whitmore

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